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This site has been developed to generate funds to support the activities of the Sustainable Fisheries Foundation. All projects undertaken by the Foundation are chosen based on their consistency with the Sustainable Fisheries Strategy and their support for the Foundation's primary objective:

"To promote a balanced approach to fisheries management, one based on sound ecological and economic principles to ensure that fish populations remain viable, productive, and accessible to future generations."

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Limited Edition Prints!

Priced at $195.00 (these prints were appraised at $500.00 each in 2000). Please contact the Foundation for further information.

Disclaimer: Due to the limitations of second generation imaging, the visual quality of the actual prints will exceed that of the images shown on the computer screen. Colours may appear slightly different depending on the monitor you are using. Availability and size may vary depending on the print.


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Robert Genn  Ken Kirkby
Bruce Muir James Fenwick Lansdowne
Toni Onley Steve Mennie