Born in London and raised in Portugal, Ken Kirkby arrived in Western Canada in 1958, to spend 5 years walking from Alaska to Baffin Island. His work, which has focused on the Canadian North, and which includes Isumutaq, a 152' mural of the north, has been exhibited in Canada, the US and Europe and is found in many public and private collections around the world. Kirkby was awarded the Commemorative Medal for the 125th Anniversary of Canadian Confederation by the Governor General in recognition for his significant contribution to Canada.

Through his artwork, Ken has rediscovered and exalted the ancient aboriginal stone symbols known as "inukshuks" ("in the shape of man"). Set amidst the changing visages of the climate, earth and sky of the vast and often desolate Arctic landscape, they stand as mute symbols of lost time and forgotten presence. Kirkby captures the mystic grandeur of these creations that bestow upon the surroundings a silence and haunting solitude.


Priced at $195.00 (these prints were appraised at $500.00 each in 2000). Please contact the Foundation for further information.

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The Big Land Arctic Solitude
Coat of Colours Preparing the Hunt
The Prayer Dancing Sky


The Way Solemn Land


Midnight Oasis



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