A Guidance Manual to Support the Assessment of Contaminated Sediments in Freshwater Ecosystems

Overview This guidance manual, which comprises a three-volume series and was developed for the United States Environmental Protection Agency, British Columbia Ministry of Water, Land and Air Protection, and Florida Department of Environmental Protection, is not intended to supplant the existing guidance on sediment quality assessment. Rather, this guidance manual is intended to further support […]

Toward Ecosystem Management: Breaking Down the Barriers in the Columbia River Basin and Beyond

In late April and early May of 2002, over 840 individuals from throughout the Columbia River basin, including youth participants, academics, scientists, government and First Nations representatives, professionals, politicians, policy-makers, environmental groups, and concerned citizens, attended the five-day conference in Spokane.  It was the third in a sequence of transboundary conferences that was launched with […]

Guidance Manual on Community-Based Fisheries and Watershed Management

Overview In order to facilitate the integration of community groups into the fisheries management programs, the Foundation intends to develop a Guidance Manual on Community-Based Fisheries Management. The Guidance Manual will provide community groups, First Nations, and other non-governmental organizations in British Columbia with step-by-step guidance on the implementation of ecosystem-based fisheries and watershed management. […]

One Northwest Community – People, Salmon, Rivers, and the Sea: Towards Sustainable Fisheries

The following is the abstract for the final chapter of the book, Sustainable Fisheries Management: Pacific Salmon. Abstract Pacific salmon management is in crisis. Throughout their range, salmon and steelhead populations are being adversely affected by human activities. Without coordinated, effective, and timely action, the future of the Pacific salmon resource is most certainly in […]

Setting the Stage for a Sustainable Pacific Salmon Fisheries Strategy

The following is the abstract from the Introductory Chapter of the book, Sustainable Fisheries Management: Pacific Salmon. Abstract Salmon and steelhead serve as a powerful symbol for the quality of life enjoyed in the Pacific Northwest, and generate a wide range of economic, social, and cultural benefits in the region. Commercial fisheries contribute significantly to […]

Toward Ecosystem-Based Management in the Upper Columbia River Basin: Workshop Summary Report

Summary The Columbia River is the dominant river system in the Pacific Northwest United States and southeastern British Columbia. Its health is of vital importance to communities and stakeholders on both sides of the border. Resource managers in Canada and the United States recognize that open, honest communication and effective information sharing are important foundations […]

Fisheries Sustainability in the Squamish River Watershed

Summary This document details the results of the Squamish River Watershed Fisheries Sustainability Forum. The forum was convened by the Sustainable Fisheries Foundation, Hatfield Consultants Ltd., and the Forest Alliance of British Columbia to provide an opportunity for citizens, policy makers, resource users, First Nations and other interested parties to exchange technical information on the […]

Squamish River Watershed Background Report

Summary The Squamish River Watershed Background Report was prepared to provide background information to support the Squamish River Watershed Fisheries Sustainability Forum, which was held in Squamish, B.C., in November, 1997. The report was prepared by Hatfield Consultants Ltd. and summarizes the available information on the Squamish River Watershed. Included is information on watershed characteristics, […]

Towards Sustainable Fisheries

Towards Sustainable Fisheries:  Balancing the Conservation and Use of Salmon and Steelhead in the Pacific Northwest (i.e. the SFS) The Sustainable Fisheries Strategy (SFS) is intended to define a common vision for our shared salmon and steelhead resources and to identify ways in which people can work together to achieve that vision. The intent of […]

Guiding Principles for Sustainable Fisheries Management

Participants at the Towards Sustainable Fisheries Conference and subsequent meetings, identified a number of conditions that must be met if we are to realize our common vision of sustainable fisheries management. We have translated these conditions into a series of guiding principles that can be used to focus environmental management and salmon restoration programs in […]