International Programs

The Sustainable Fisheries Foundation is dedicated to improving marine, estuarine, and aquatic animal populations and their habitats throughout the world. By helping to maintian healthy populations and ecosystems we are also supporting vibrant communities that depend on those renewable natural resources.

We currently have the following international activities:

Solutions for Global Overfishing — SFF organized a highlight symposium at the 2011 American Fisheries Society Annuall meeting in Seattle that addessed the topic Global Fisheries: Balancing Overfishing and Food Production.

Ecologists Without Borders — SFF is a founding partner of Ecologists Without Borders.

World Fisheries Congress — SFF is co-sponsoring a symposium on Enabling Small Scale Fisheries and Aquaculture to Achieve Sustainability Through the Transfer of Technology and Knowledge at the May 7-11 WFC in Edinburgh, Scotland. More information on the World Fisheries Congress.

Mexican Mangrove and Fisheries Research Project — SFF is participating in a collaborative project to ascertain and substantiate the dependency of commercially and ecologically important fisheries species on coastal mangrove habitats in Sinaloa State, Mexico.