Ecologists Without Borders

SFF is an organizing member of the newly formed non-profit Ecologists Without Borders (EcoWB). We are working together with EcoWB to meet our mutual goals of healthy ecosystems that support the well-being of people throughout the world.  EcoWB’s primary mission is:

“To promote environmental sustainability and improve societal welfare in at-risk areas of the world through the transfer and application of ecological knowledge and technology, and to financially support projects and activities that further these goals.”

EcoWB meets its mission through facilitating the deployment of volunteer ecological and environmental experts to areas needing assistance. EcoWB volunteers are professionals or students with expertise in fisheries, marine science, aquaculture, watershed management, wildlife, forestry, agronomy, eco-agriculture,  cartography, or related fields. If you have such experience or interest, you can volunteer for EcoWB.