Conferences, Workshops, and Forums held by the Foundation and its Partners to Support the Development of a Sustainable Fisheries Strategy

The Sustainable Fisheries Foundation (the Foundation) and its Partners have convened a number of conferences, workshops, and forums to support the development of the Sustainable Fisheries Strategy (SFS).  These meetings typically included plenary, technical, and poster sessions to provide participants with a common understanding of the issues and concerns related to the sustainability of our common fisheries resources.  In addition, facilitated Work Group sessions were also convened. Their purpose was to provide participants with an opportunity to develop a common vision for the future, to identify the factors that are constraining our ability to achieve that vision, and to formulate general strategies and specific actions that could be used to support sustainable fisheries management.  These meetings (in chronological order) include:

Towards Sustainable Fisheries:  Balancing the Conservation and Use of Salmon and Steelhead in the Pacific Northwest (convened in Victoria, B.C. during April 26 - 30, 1996; attended by over 500 individuals);

Forum on Sustainable Fisheries (convened in Seattle, WA during September 14 - 15, 1996; attended by over 125 individuals);

Forum on Sustainable Fisheries (convened in Seattle, WA during September 13, 1997; attended by over 150 individuals);

Squamish River Watershed Fisheries Sustainability Forum (convened in Squamish, B.C. during November 27 - 30, 1997; attended by over 100 individuals);

 Towards Ecosystem - Based Management in the Upper Colombia River Basin (convened in Castlegar, B.C. during April 27 - 30, 1998; attended by over 400 individuals); and, Salmon Homecoming Event (convened in Seattle, WA during September, 1998).

 Seattle Salmon Homecoming  (convened in Seattle, WA during September, 1998; attended by thousands of individuals).

Visions 2000 - Sustaining Salmon Fisheries of the Fraser River:  Past, Present and Future (convened in Kamloops, B.C. during February 21 - 24, 2000; attended by over 250 individuals);

Towards Ecosystem-Based Management:  Breaking Down the Barriers in the Columbia River Basin and Beyond (convened in Spokane, WA during April 27 - May 1, 2002; attended by over 840 individuals);

Please see the Foundationís publications to review the results of these meetings.