BC Clean Ocean Initiative

The BC Clean Ocean Initiative (BCCOI) is dedicated to the protection of local marine environments.

cp-diffuserEach year billions of litres of wastewater are dumped into the ocean off of BC’s coast. The BC Clean Ocean Initiative was developed to address concerns related to the discharge of untreated sewage into marine ecosystems, with particular emphasis on the discharge of sewage in the greater Victoria, BC area.

This initiative is focused on conducting research and education to identify ways and means of reducing the impacts of sewage discharges on marine ecosystems. The initiative is intended to enhance our understanding of the risks posed to human health and the environment arising from the current practices of marine sewage dumping. These risks have become a concern to national and international governments and organization.

no-dumpingThe BCCOI is a partnership of organizations working to provide accurate relevant information surrounding marine sewage dumping, opportunities for mitigation and emerging from treatment. Through a increased understanding of the relationships between actions and the associated impacts on marine ecosystems, innovative solution to existing problems can realized.