Sustainable North American Fisheries

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Sustainable Management of North American Fisheries
E. Eric Knudsen, Donald D. MacDonald, and Yvonne K. Muirhead, editors. 281 pages. Symposium 43, Published by American Fisheries Society: December 2004

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Fisheries throughout North America are faced with serious threats to their sustainability. Some of the key factors challenging fisheries sustainability include human population growth, overfishing, habitat alteration and destruction, water quality impairment, aquacultural operations, introduction of alien species, and global climate change. New management approaches and institutional structures are needed that integrate economic, social, and environmental interests into a decision-making framework that supports fisheries sustainability.

In Sustainable Management of North American Fisheries, recognized leaders in the fields of sustainability, science, and environmental management examine the most important constraints on fisheries sustainability, and provide a blueprint for maintaining and restoring healthy aquatic and marine systems in North America, as well as the important fisheries that they support.

Table of Contents

Part I: Sustainable Development and Sustainable Fisheries

Sustainable Development: What Is It and What Is beyond It? Henry A. Regier

Ecological and Socioeconomic Factors Influencing Fisheries Sustainability
Daniel B. Hayes, William W. Taylor, and Katherine Smith

Part II: Key Issues Facing Sustainable Fisheries in North America

Chasing Too Few Fish: Addressing the Core Constraints of Human Population Expansion on Environmental Sustainability Robert Engelman

Constraints on Sustainable Marine Fisheries in the United States: A Look at the Record John A. Musick and Julia K. Ellis

Oversimplified Habitats and Oversimplified Solutions in Our Search for Sustainable Freshwater Fisheries Jack E. Williams and Cindy Deacon Williams

The Implications of Aquaculture Production and Development on Sustainable Fisheries Christine M. Moffitt

Preventing, Controlling, and Managing Alien Species Introduction for the Health of Aquatic and Marine Ecosystems Cathleen I. Short, Sharon K. Gross, and Dean Wilkinson

Natural Climate Insurance for Pacific Northwest Salmon and Salmon Fisheries: Finding Our Way through the Entangled Bank Nathan Mantua and Robert C. Francis

Part III: Strategies for Achieving Fisheries Sustainability

Economic Principles of Sustainable Multi-Use Fisheries Management, with a Case History Economic Model for Pacific Halibut Keith R. Criddle

Opening the Lost Valley: Implementing a “Back to the Future” Restoration Policy for Marine Ecosystems for Their Fisheries Tony J. Pitcher, Johanna J. (Sheila) Heymans, Cameron Ainsworth, Eny A. Buchary, Ussif Rashid Sumaila, and Villy Christensen

Sustaining Salmonid Populations: A Caring Understanding of Naturalness of Taxa Jennifer L. Nielsen and Henry A. Regier

Hatcheries as Tools to Support Sustainable Fisheries Resources Eric M. Hallerman

Cumulative Effects Assessment and Management in the Northwest Territories–Challenges and Opportunities for Supporting Long-Term Sustainability David Livingstone

Fostering Aquatic Stewardship: A Key for Fisheries Sustainability Barbara A. Knuth and William F. Siemer

Elevating Social Concern for Sustainability in Fisheries and Aquatic Resource Management Paul Pajak

Toward Fisheries Sustainability in North America: Issues, Challenges, and Strategies for Action Donald D. MacDonald and E. Eric Knudsen