Support SFF

The Sustainable Fisheries Foundation is a non-profit organization registered in Canada and the United States. The Foundation is run primarily by Volunteers and receives funds from both Grant-Making Foundations and Government Grants. The Foundation raises additional funds by:

The Foundation has established and maintains The William Trachtenberg Memorial Scholarship Fund. This Fund provides up to $650 (US) or $1000 (CDN) annually in a scholarship to master’s or doctoral student in the general area of fisheries science, with one award to an individual student. An award committee of five fisheries scientists from the Sustainable Fisheries Foundation and the Western Division of the American Fisheries Society makes the decision regarding the award of scholarships. This scholarship is maintained by the Sustainable Fisheries Foundation and is awarded at the Western Division Annual American Fisheries Society Annual Meeting

Importantly, the Foundation receives donations from individuals who are kind enough to lend us their support to further the goal of the Foundation to “promote a balanced approach to fisheries management – one based on sound ecological and economic principles – to ensure that fish populations, and the ecosystems they depend on, remain viable, productive, and accessible to future generations”.

We thank you for taking an interest in the Foundation and appreciate any support that you can offer.