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Sustainable Fisheries Management Pacific Salmon book coverOur Publication Sustainable Fisheries Management: Pacific Salmon is now currently available to purchase. Print and mail this book order form to get your copy.

What has happened to the salmon resource in the Pacific Northwest? Who is responsible and what can be done to reverse the decline in salmon populations? The responsibility falls on everyone involved – fishermen, resource managers and concerned citizens alike – to take the steps necessary to ensure that salmon populations make a full recovery.

This collection of papers examines the state of the salmon fisheries in the Pacific Northwest. They cover existing methods and supply model approaches for alternative solutions. The editors stress the importance of input from and cooperation with all parties involved to create viable solutions to the challenges that we are now facing. Grass roots education and participation is the key to public support – and ultimately the success – of whatever management solutions are developed.

A unique and valuable scientific publication, Sustainable Fisheries Management: Pacific Salmon clearly articulates the current state of the Pacific salmon resource, describes the key features of its management, and provides important guidance on how we can make the transition toward sustainable fisheries. The solutions presented in this book provide a strategy for sustainable fisheries management, which requires society and governmental agencies to establish a shared vision, common policies, and a process for collaborative management.


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