Squamish River Watershed Background Report

Summary The Squamish River Watershed Background Report was prepared to provide background information to support the Squamish River Watershed Fisheries Sustainability Forum, which was held in Squamish, B.C., in November, 1997. The report was prepared by Hatfield Consultants Ltd. and summarizes the available information on the Squamish River Watershed. Included is information on watershed characteristics, […]

Towards Sustainable Fisheries

Towards Sustainable Fisheries:  Balancing the Conservation and Use of Salmon and Steelhead in the Pacific Northwest (i.e. the SFS) The Sustainable Fisheries Strategy (SFS) is intended to define a common vision for our shared salmon and steelhead resources and to identify ways in which people can work together to achieve that vision. The intent of […]

Guiding Principles for Sustainable Fisheries Management

Participants at the Towards Sustainable Fisheries Conference and subsequent meetings, identified a number of conditions that must be met if we are to realize our common vision of sustainable fisheries management. We have translated these conditions into a series of guiding principles that can be used to focus environmental management and salmon restoration programs in […]